If you enjoy garlic & onion & thyme (oh my!) - I'm your blend.

Meet the Blends



If you like to kick it up a notch, but

not burn your mouth - pick me!


If you light to keep it light,

yet flavorful - I'm for you.

Simple ingredients. Complex flavor.


  Seasoned to perfection  

Our founder, Sarah Yani, has always loved being in the kitchen. Growing up, she was always by her mom's side learning to make comfort food staples and baking delicious treats. As an adult, Sarah continued her passion for cooking at home and at several cooking schools where she worked as a cooking assistant. 


Tired of taking out every spice jar in her cabinet to season each meal, Sarah decided to test out making a salt blend using simple, flavorful ingredients in her kitchen. For years, Sarah sprinkled her salt blend on every savory dish she created. Being quite the hostess, her friends caught on after enjoying meals at her table and wanted some salt of their own to cook with. Sarah obliged and started blending salt for her family and friends. They encouraged her to introduce her salt blend to the masses and eventually decided they were right. 

Simply Sarah Salt is made with the finest herbs and spices. It comes from a home cook with a passion for food, community and entertaining. We hope you enjoy using Sarah's salt blend in your everyday cooking!